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The PAX West-exclusive Fortnite spray is selling for up to $175 on eBay

There was an exclusive Fortnite spray tag given away at PAX West, and now it's going for hundreds of dollars on eBay.

Fortnite fans attending at PAX West got a unique gift – an exclusive and rather cute spray tag for use in the game. As per the rules about anything exclusive for a popular franchise sold or given away at an event like PAX, it was of course immediately put on eBay for hundreds of dollars.

The spray features one of Fortnite’s iconic llamas holding a variety of gaming controllers. It’s certainly cute, but it’s debatable whether it’s worth the price some of these eBay sellers – who all presumably attended the event – are asking for, which ranges from around $40 up to a crazy $175, or even a colossal $450 for four codes. Surely it’s easier to just buy four of the $40 ones?

Nevertheless as eBay listings begin to dry up presumably Fortnite players with the cash to spare will start to get more desperate, and start paying the more expensive prices for the exclusive spray. In case you’re wondering if anyone has actually paid these prices, well, they absolutely have done.

Just to be absolutely clear, the item being sold is a small card with a scratch-off code on the back, which owners can use on their Fortnite accounts to claim an exclusive spray tag. A similar spray was given away exclusively at E3 and also went for hundreds of dollars, but that also had 2500 V-bucks with it.

The codes were apparently only given out on the Friday, and were first posted about on Reddit. The first reply to the thread, from user Johann_Gauss, rather prophetically reads “T-Minus 3 minutes until they’re on Ebay for $99.99.” Johann didn’t know how right he was.

The codes expire on October 14 incidentally, so if you’re a big Fortnite fan and have up to $200 to burn you best get buying quickly.