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Searches for Fortnite porn rose 112% last weekend

The start of Fortnite season 6 saw Pornhub searches for the battle royale more than double over the weekend

Fortnite Pornhub

Fortnite Season 6 saw a massive spike in interest in the battle royale, as Kevin the Cube rose out of Loot Lake to spawn a huge swirling vortex and a floating island. And nowhere was that impact more keenly felt than in the more ‘adult’ corners of the internet.

The latest season of Fortnite, which came out last week, saw a 112% rise in search volume on Pornhub. From a relative low on September 26, there was an enormous spike, with the number of searches rising to more than double the average figure.

Those figures comes from the adult website’s famous Pornhub Insights (that page in particular is SFW, but don’t go wandering too far), which analyse the impact that popular trends have on the website’s search volumes. This time around, the information was requested by Forbes, and PornHub delivered. It says that not only did Fortnite searches spike last weekend, but point out that the game “has remained in Pornhub’s Top 25 search terms through most of 2018,” a figure they equate to “hundreds of thousands of additional searches per day.”

The insight reveals that the most popular search terms are “Fortnite hentai,” and “Fortnite porn.” They then move on to searches for “Fortnite parody,” which would point people very quickly towards the ‘Fortnut’ Fortnite porn parody.

Other searches focus on individual characters – Season 5’s Sun Strider and Zoey skins top the searches, but Calamity – who arrived in Season 6, sparking Fortnite’s boob physics controversy – is now the third most-popular character.

Weirdly enough, Pornhub’s list of popular search terms includes simply the term “Fortnite kills,” suggesting that people are heading to their favourite adult website, rather than YouTube, for some hot montage videos.