Fortnite’s Pro-Am tournament caused a 16% drop in YouPorn traffic

fortnite shotgun nerf

Fortnite’s Pro-Am tournament, which paired up 50 Fortnite pros and streamers with 50 celebrities, took place at E3 last week. It proved to be one of the most popular streaming events ever, overtaking the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Boston Major with a total Twitch viewership of over 1.3 million.

The tournament was won by streamer Ninja and musician Marshmello, who donated their $1 million winnings to charities of their choice. But while the other 98 players were defeated, there was one other, more high-profile loser – adult website YouPorn.

There are plenty of them out there, but only a few of the titles on our list of the best battle royale games could have this sort of impact.

According to an announcement from YouPorn (SFW, just so you know) issued earlier today, the site saw a drop in traffic of nearly 17% during the stream. As the stream began at 14:00 PT on June 12, traffic on the site was around 3% higher than average. Over the next two hours, however, it plummeted, dropping to a low of 13.57% below average viewership, before returning to normal levels approximately five hours after the start of the stream.

During the stream, there was an increase in search for a number of those competing in the Pro-Am tournament – Rapper Desiigner saw his searches increase by 721%, while searches for YouTuber Markiplier rose by 128%, and those for Ninja rose by 20%.

There’s a pretty good correlation between Fortnite and pornography, with Fortnite downtime leading to a 9.8% increase in traffic on another adult site, Pornhub. Ninja’s first stream with Drake, back in March, saw searches for Fortnite on Pornhub rise by 824%. To get a full view of the Pro-Am tournament’s impact on the pornography industry, we’ve reached out to Pornhub, and we’ll update when they get back to us. On a wholly seperate level, why not check out some of the Fortnite skins in our best-of list? Some of them even featured at a pretty impressive cosplay exhibition at the Pro-Am itself (please do not dig in to why I have linked these two stories).