The Red Sox love Fortnite so much they forget to eat

Fortnite Quiet on the set

Major League Baseball’s Boston Red Sox are obsessed with Fortnite, so much so that they have to be reminded to eat.

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Jen McCaffrey at The Athletic(paywall,via GameSpot), spoke to members of the team about their passion for the game – and they don’t mean baseball.

Pitcher David Price, who signed a seven-year, $217 million contract with the Sox in 2015, told McCaffrey, “let’s say we get back at 11 PM from a game, we’ll play [Fortnite] until 1 AM, 1:30 AM, 2 AM depending on what time our game is the next day – but day games or off days, we can put some time in.”

He also says that sometimes they get so engrossed with playing that they forget to eat. “We have to make sure, ‘All right we’ve got to eat. Let’s take 30 minutes, eat some lunch, and see you back in 30.’ But you can lose track of time whenever you’re playing it.”

The Red Sox are full of Fortnite fans, such as Heath Hembree, Craig Kimbrel, Chris Sale, Eduardo Rodriguez, Xander Bogaerts, Matt Barnes, Joe Kelly, J.D. Martinez, and Carson Smith – who is the strongest player, according to Hembree. “Carson kind of takes over every game”, he says.

Price missed his start against the New York Yankees this week due to minor carpal tunnel syndrome, and some have even cited his addiction to Fortnite as the cause – though team manager Alex Cora isn’t convinced:

Despite this issue and their Fortnite obsession, the Red Sox are still doing extremely well, with a record of 25-11 which is currently one of the best in Major League Baseball. If they’re lucky, maybe they’ll soon be popular enough to play with Ninja.