Fortnite’s rifts have swallowed up the Tomato Town mascot

Fortnite Tomato Town

Update, July 4: The Fortnite rifts are growing. R.I.P. Tomato Town mascot

Fortnite fans will be acutely aware that there’s an enormous, reality-defying rift hovering in the sky above the game. Since it appeared on Saturday afternoon, that initial rift has grown, and a separate crack has splintered off from the main fissure.

But as well as those huge cracks in the sky, other, smaller rifts are appearing across Fortnite’s map. One showed up at Motel, while another formed at Lonely Lodge, swallowing up the sign welcoming players to the rural site on the eastern edge of the map.

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Now, a third rift has appeared, this time at Tomato Town. The small location is arguably most ‘famous’ for its enormous pizzeria, which I struggle to believe can have been a sustinable business. There’s just one house in Tomato Town, but that building is serviced by a gas station, a Taco shop, and the biggest damn pizza place you’ve ever seen. On its roof, the restaurant features an enormous statue of its mascot, a smiling anthropomorphic tomato. Or at least, it used to.

The Rift has swallowed Tomatohead whole, leaving an empty plinth where the fruity mascot used to dwell. It’s a sad sight, and one that players have quickly turned into a memorial, with several peaceful gatherings taking place overnight. You can check out a before and after of the restaurant in the tweet below.

Given that we’re not all that far away from the Fortnite Season 5 release date, I’m imagining Epic are gearing up for an event of similarly apocalyptic consequences as season 4’s meteor. Some players think Tomato Town as a whole is about to be plucked from the map, but we’ll find out for sure in nine days’ time.