Fortnite: search where the Stone Heads are looking location

To help you get ten battle stars the easy way, here’s some help as you search where the Stone Heads are looking in Fortnite

Fortnite giant face desert locations

Where are the Fortnite Stone Heads looking? That’s one of the biggest questions we have as we get ready to dive into the latest Fortnite weekly challenges. This is a challenge open to everyone and not just those with a season 5 Battle Pass, and if you search where the Stone Heads are looking in Fortnite successfully, you will nab yourself ten lovely little Battle Stars.

You might have spotted the ten Fortnite Stone Heads dotted across the map as you’ve been having a good ol’ game of battle royale. However, they’re not exactly the largest points of interest, so it’s possible you could have missed them. Regardless, there are six of the big grey sculptures in total and, if you follow each of their gazes, they all cross over at one point on the map.

That point is where you can find the hidden Battle Star to complete this task, but make sure you check in with our Fortnite week 6 challenges guide so you can complete them all and the Fortnite Road Trip challenges week 6. That includes the Fortnite complete timed trials challenge but, without further ado, here’s where the Stone Heads are looking in Fortnite.

Fortnite: Search Where the Stone Heads Are Looking location

Fortnite search stone heads looking location

Here are all the places you can find Stone Heads in Fortnite. In the screenshot below you can see where they’re all looking so you can find the hidden Battle Star.

Fortnite search stone heads location screenshot

We’ve also visited the spot ourselves and can confirm this is where you’ll find the Battle Pass star. The challenges are live so all you need to do is pinpoint this location on your map and dive to victory in your next match.