Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass cosmetics have leaked

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Fortnite dataminers could have confirmed the first items to appear in the Season 5 Battle Pass. Filenames for six unannounced cosmetics were uncovered in a mine of the latest game files, which became available last night.

Sadly, those cosmetics don’t really point us towards anything regarding the new season’s theme. They’re skydiving trails, which appear behind characters as they drop to the ground from the battle bus at the beginning of the game. Introduced as part of season 4, they have very little thematic relevance.

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Trails are only available through the battle pass in season four, suggesting that these will be part of the rewards offered for playing the game, rather than items that you can buy within the game’s item store. The six items were revealed by FNBRleaks on Twitter (you can check out the tweet below). They’re called Stars & Stripes, TP, Glitchin’, Vines, Golden Starfish, and Ice. Some of them seem a little easier to figure out than others.

Vines is pretty self-explanatory, as are Stars & Stripes and Ice. Glitchin’ is maybe a little more confusing, but I imagine it’ll be something Matrix-esque with streams of numbers erupting from players as they fall.

The last two are the hardest to figure out. There’s some speculation that TP sounds for Toilet Paper, which makes it fairly obvious, although TP is also popular videogame parlance for teleport, which could potentially fit as well. As for what Golden Starfish is, I have absolutely no clue whatsoever. A quick Google search suggests that a Golden Starfish is an award given to EU beaches that meet a certain standard of cleanliness, but I think that may be unrelated.

Whatever they are, we’ll probably find out on next week, as the Fortnite season 5 release date is July 12. Until then, check out our Fortnite tips guide – it can’t guarantee you a Victory Royale, but it might help you on your way to that Omega skin if you haven’t got there already.