Fortnite season 7 livestream – get ready for winter with Griff and Caroline

The snowy seventh season of Fortnite launches today, and just in time for the traditionally awful December weather. With it, developer Epic is bringing a bunch of new stuff to its battle royale –  most notably a brand new wintry biome called Frosty Flights. It’s going to make you feel all festive with its layers of snow and ice and people shooting at you. Just try and keep your footing, otherwise you’re liable to end up sliding around like Bambi, and everyone will laugh.

While sliding can be fun, season 7 brings other, safer methods of transportation. The addition of ziplines let you cross the map quickly and drop into fights stylishly. Perhaps even cooler is a new flying vehicle, the Stormwing. Get yourself one of these bad boys and you’ll be able to soar through the clouds. Feet: they’re simply boring by comparison.

And as ever, you can expect a bunch of new winter-themed vanity gear, including Sergeant Santa, and special cosmetic items called wraps that let you give everything a new coat of paint. Oh, there’s a hamster too. Where season 6 introduced dogs, season 7 lets you cavort around with a big-cheeked rodent. Nice.

So come join Griff and Caroline as they take you on a whistle-stop tour of Fortnite’s new winter wonderland. Well, we say whistle-stop. The stream lasts an hour and a half, so we’ll see how far they get. To watch it, head over to right now, or simply press play in the box above. 

For more on Fortnite check out our season 7 guideLet’s also not forget about the brand new creative mode, which gives you a dedicated space to create your own theatre of dreams and nightmares using a variety of prefab building materials. That mode’s available now for anyone with a battle pass, but if not, you can start flexing your creative muscle on December 13th.

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