Fortnite’s Remote Explosives and buffed Slurp Juice have been temporarily removed

Fortnite has temporarily removed Remote Explosives and Slurp Juice thanks to some bugs in patch 5.1

Fortnite patch 5.1 slurp juice

The latest big patch for Fortnite went live earlier in time for the game’s birthday celebrations, but not everything has gone according to plan. Two items that got changed for the patch have now been temporarily disabled, as their new functions have caused some unintended side effects.

Remote Explosives were the first to go earlier today, due to an issue where they wouldn’t cause damage to structures after first damaging a player. It seems there’s also another bug for the item that causes it to use an incorrect damage radius, part of an effort to “properly attribute fall damage that was indirectly caused by Remote Explosives.”

You can see more details on that secondary bug via Epic on Reddit, but the short version is that Remote Explosives are using the smaller player damage radius instead of the larger structure damage radius. There should be an update striking a balance between the two, though we don’t know if that’ll come alongside the fix for the structure damage bug mentioned on Twitter.

Slurp Juice is the other disabled item, though we’ve got far less detail on what’s gone wrong here. Fortnite patch 5.1 buffed the healing item to also provide shields when your health is full, which was one of the more highly-anticipated changes for the update. As for what went wrong, Epic says only that there was an “issue discovered.”

There’s no ETA on either item’s return, although you can keep yourself otherwise occupied by chasing some birthday challenges. If you need help finding all the Fortnite Birthday Cake locations, we’ve got you covered on that front, as well.