Fortnite player wrecks rocket launch viewing party and sets a new solo kill record

fortnite solo kill record

Fortnite’s rocket launch was a once-ever event, and players throughout the game were quick to call truces and hold viewing parties in order to see the rocket live. But not everyone wants to abide by the social contract, and one player took the opportunity to set a new solo kill record by offing a bunch of hapless rocket-watchers.

During one match, players joined forces to build a massive ramp for the best possible angle to see the rocket. One player, by the name of Elemental_Ray, chopped out that ramp from underneath, sending over 40 players to their untimely dooms. Elemental_Ray ended that match with a total of 48 kills – a new all-time kill record for a solo game.

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Now, I don’t want to cast too many dispersions since I’m not especially good at Fortnite, but Elemental_Ray isn’t a particularly notable Fortnite player, either. He’s got a 1% win percentage according to Fortnite Tracker, and apparently had a K/D ratio of just 0.47 at the time of his record – though that’s improved to 0.81 since the 48 kill match. He didn’t end up winning this one, either.

Naturally, not everyone’s happy about the method by which the record was achieved, but Elemental_Ray appears to be enjoying the newfound fame. He’s started a Twitch channel and now proclaims himself “THE MOST HATED MAN” in the game via his Twitter profile. (And he did at least wait for the rocket to land before knocking the ramp down.)

While a certain degree of infamy is probably deserved here – the reality bending rocket launch only happened once, after all – it’s not like any actual rules were broken. (Just a few hearts.) Still, if a similar event happens as we speed toward the Fortnite season 5 release date, watch your back even if it seems a truce is in play.