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Fortnite: how to thank the bus driver

Epic added the ability to 'thank the bus driver' in Fortnite long ago, so here's how you do it

How do you thank the bus driver in Fortnite? Over the past couple of seasons, the Fortnite kill feed has become an increasingly whimsical space. From news of epic three-pointers on the basketball court to those unfortunate occasions where the entire match is told that you “played yourself,” Epic has repeatedly offered news of the highs and lows of each individual Fortnite game. And now, they’re letting you show the world how polite you are.

For some reason, Fortnite players have the ability to “thank the bus driver”, and now you actually have a use for it. This is because it is now one of the tasks to tackle in the Fortnite 14 Days of Summer challenges. The in-joke stems from a petition started in summer 2018, asking Epic to “add the ability to thank the bus driver before jumping out of the battle bus in Fortnite” (via gaminglyf).

Long ago now, in the halcyon days of Fortnite patch 5.3, that ability has been granted, and now, if you feel so inclined, you can press ‘B’ on PC (or ‘Down’ on a gamepad D-Pad) to issue your thanks to the driver before you jump. Doing so, strangely enough, shows up in the kill feed, a ray of respect for your fellow beings that seems strangely paradoxical ahead of the slaughter about to unfold on the island below.

Fortnite: how to thank the bus driver

Thanking the driver, of course, offers nothing to your game, but will, I’m sure, remind you that you are good, upstanding member of society, just as it does when you mumble a random word of thanks to your driver in real life.

And there you go, you thank the bus driver in Fortnite by pressing ‘B’ – for ‘bye’, maybe? – while you’re in the Battle Bus. From there, all you have to do is ensure you finish in the top 20 in the same game you’ve been all polite. From there, make sure you’ve attended all the Fortnite beach parties you’ve been invited to, and bounced a load of Fortnite giant beach balls. And then, once you’re all done, you can relax and feel safe in the knowledge your manners and social skills are in good nick.