Fortnite’s latest vehicle is a horrifying hamster ball

A new vehicle, named The Baller, is coming to Fortnite, and it might be the maddest new addition yet

The Baller

Every time I write about a new Fortnite item, it seems that the new arrival has managed to be more ridiculous than what came before. I thought the minigun was pushing it a little, but since then we’ve had guided rocket launchers, the Grappler, and even a plane. But it seems like the latest addition is likely to take things even further.

A new vehicle called The Baller has appeared on the game’s Coming Soon page, which previews items to players before they log in. What appears to be on offer is a massive glass ball with a chair mounted inside it and what appears to be a Grappler attached to the front. Frankly, it’s something of a monstrosity.

I couldn’t even tell you how it’ll work. I’m assuming it’ll roll around like some kind of hamster-ball, to prevent you from turning upside-down, but given that the whole thing is sealed, I don’t know if you’ll be immune to damage while you’re inside, or whether you’ll run the risk of the entire thing exploding.

What I can guess is that the whole thing is a bad idea – I haven’t seen Jurassic World, but I’m pretty sure that these things cause some significant trouble for the main characters. Despite that, they’re likely to be a welcome addition, as the start of Season 8 saw several vehicles, including the Shopping Kart and X-4 Stormwing, get vaulted.

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It appears as though there’ll be a more tactical element to their sue than with other vehicles, however. Datamined assets make it look as though The Baller will occasionally need plugging into charging points scattered around the map, which will be the first time a refuel mechanic has been introduced.

There’s no release date for the Baller right now, but those charging points have shown up in the game, suggesting that their arrival is pretty imminent. With that in mind, it’s likely that they’ll show up in-game later this week.