Fortnite’s finally getting a proper trios mode

The latest datamines in Fortnite suggest we’re soon getting a long-awaited addition: trios. Yes, you’ll soon be able to take your three-person group into battle against other teams of the same size – no more being forced to take on bigger four-person squads. Otherwise, it looks to be the standard battle royale mode.

Info comes courtesy of leaker lucas7yoshi on Twitter, digging through game files in the new 7.10 update. Epic’s description of the mode calls it “classic battle royale with three-person squads,” as you might’ve guessed. It’s possible that this could be an LTM, but it seems more likely that this type of mode would slot in with solos, duos, and squads.

As with any datamined mode we’ve seen in the past, there’s no guarantee on when this mode will actually hit Fortnite. These files just mean that Epic is experimenting with the mode – though datamines have generally been proven out in the long-term. The only real question is how we’re all going to deal with battle royale mode that tops out at 99 players.

The latest update has brought plenty of new details that are already in-game, like the now-melting Polar Peak. 14 Days of Fortnite starts tomorrow, so there’s plenty more to come for the battle royale.

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With a pending lawsuit over the Carlton dance, it’s not all good news for Epic these past few days – but at this point, it looks like there’s no stopping the Fortnite train.

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