Fortnite update 5.3: Shockwave Grenade explodes onto Battle Royale

What is in the latest Fortnite update? Turn yourself into a human cannonball with the Shockwave Grenade

Fortnite update 5.3 - shockwave grenade

The headline feature for Fortnite update 5.3 is the Shockwave Grenade, but there is plenty more to come in the latest Fortnite update. Last week the Rift-To-Go item was the flagship feature in Epic’s battle royale game, but there is always more to come.

The star addition to Fortnite update 5.3 is the Shockwave Grenade. After some heavy leaking in previous weeks, the new item has appeared in the incoming Fortnite update. The item description reads: “Send yourself, allies, or enemies flying like a human cannonball! Grants immunity to fall damage.”

That said, the Fortnite Shockwave Grenade will not be the only change to the game: we also see a return of the legendary-only drops chaos of Solid Gold LTM, now available in 50v50. Before we get to the new changes, make sure you’re caught up on our Fortnite week 7 challenges guide and the full list of Fortnite Tomatohead challenges. Done? Then here’s everything you need to know about Fortnite update 5.3.

Fortnite update 5.3 release time

Fortnite updates typically land at 9am BST on Tuesdays but, this time, we gladly received our new grenade at 1pm BST on 28 August – that’s 8am ET and 5am PT for our american Fortnite friends.

Fortnite update 5.3 – Shockwave Grenade

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Shockwave Grenade – added

Knocks players back, destroys objects after being knocked back
Fall damage
Stacks of 2-6
Supply drops, vending machines, llamas, and chests

Fortnite update 5.3 – Solid Gold LTM

Solid Gold LTM – added

Legendary weapon and item drops only
Now available in 50v50