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NHL captain bans Fortnite because watching movies is a better waste of time

The Vancouver Canucks' Bo Horvat says that Fortnite is banned from the team's tours, dubbing the battle royale "a waste of time"


A National Hockey League player says that Fortnite is banned from the team’s roadtrips in favour of team-building experiences. Bo Horvat of the Vancouver Canucks says that Epic’s battle royale is “definitely a no-go” while the team is on the road.

In a recent interview, Horvat – who is one of the Canucks’ four rotating captains this season – said that the game is “definitely a no-go on the road,” and that he’d much rather see players experiencing the locations they travel to during tours and away games. “No more bringing your video games [sic] on the road. It’s strictly team meals, team dinners, and hanging out with the guys.”

In an interview with TSN 1040 (via The Province), Horvat went on to say that “there’s better ways to spend time on the road, whether it’s hanging with the guys in the room or going to a movie. There’s a lot of cool cities we go and visit and to be cooped up in your room all night and not doing anything, playing Fortnite, is a waste of your time.”

Horvat does admit that he doesn’t play Fortnite, nor does he have any plans to do so. Clearly then, he hasn’t experienced the wonders of a hard-fought Victory Royale, as there’s no way he could refer to such elation as “a waste of time.”

Plenty of other sports stars have discovered that Fortnite can actually be a help rather than a hindrance. During this summer’s Football World Cup, England captain Harry Kane said that Fortnite was an important part of the squad’s downtime during their surprise semi-final run. As well as winning over players from the Premier League, Fortnite has proved popular amongst members of the NBA and NFL. In the NHL and MLB, however, Fortnite is proving unpopular among coaching staff, who have dubbed it a significant distraction.