Zip-lines come to Fortnite, according to the latest season 7 tease

The season of teasing for Fortnite season 7 has begun with a look at snowboards, zip-lines, and skins

December 4, 2018 The Fortnite season 7 teases continue with zip-lines.

Fortnite’s getting snowy in a a new season launching later this week, and the latest teaser for the event suggests we can add zip-lining to the list of winter activities that’ll be available when the new patch launches. That’s on top of the snowboarding hinted at yesterday, along with all the new skins that naturally come with a new battle pass.

Today’s teaser image zooms in on the snowboarding figure we saw in the background of the first teaser – not a skier, as it appeared when it was tiny – and now there’s a new tiny background detail to hone in on. This time, a figure is sliding down a rope with a zip-line tool in hand, which gives us another hint about what we’ll be able to do in the new season.

The question is whether these zip-lines will be new objects in the world at preset locations around the map, or if this’ll be an item you can pick up and deploy wherever you want. Either way, it’ll be a useful way to get around the map’s numerous mountains – especially if we’re about to add a massive iceberg to the list of peaks.

You can see the new teaser in full below.

Fortnite’s snowstorm made the first hints of its arrival earlier today as a handful of snowflakes started to come down, and this comes after the first official teaser image posted yesterday. That one showed a hooded figure with two sets of horns, and the aurora borealis is visible in the void where the body should be. A tiny silhouette of a snowboarder headed down that figure’s shoulder.

The Fortnite season 7 release date is scheduled for December 6, assuming there are no last-minute delays. We’ll get teases for more skins and features over the leading up to launch, and you can follow that link for more info on what to expect as it comes in.