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Fortnite’s Cube Monsters can bust some funky moves

Zombies have arrived in Fortnite Battle Royale, and it hasn't taken long to figure out that they can bust some funky moves


Fortnite’s Halloween event (which is playfully dubbed Fortnitemares) is live now, bringing new weapons and map changes to the battle royale. The headline of the event, however, is the introduction of a PvE element to the traditionally PvP-only game mode. That’s right – Fortnite Battle Royale now has zombies. And those zombies can dance.

YouTuber and Twitch streamer Chris Melberger discovered that the Cube Monsters, who appeared in today’s update, have got some serious moves. In a tweet posted earlier today (which you can see further down this article), Melberger finds himself in a spot of trouble as a large monster rushes towards him.

Instead of simply gunning his new opponent down, Melberger launches a Boogie Bomb. The item, which has been in Fortnite more or less since launch, explodes with a blast of music on impact, forcing anyone caught in the explosion to bust a move, stopping them from building or firing a weapon for a few seconds. In the clip below, Melberger hits the zombie (as well as himself) with the bomb.

What follows is a bizarre dance-off, as Melberger attempts to flee from the eight-foot monster while cutting some filthy shapes. The monster doesn’t seem to be at all deterred by the explosion, as it continues to advance towards the player – but now it’s pulling together a whole bunch of dance moves, as the Boogie Bomb’s dance includes references to Carlton Banks, Saturday Night Fever, and the Chicken Dance.

The Halloween update comes with its very own set of Fortnitemares challenges. Completing them rewards you with an exclusive glider, so here are the Fortnite Gargoyle locations and Fortnite Corrupted Areas locations. Elsewhere, you can catch up on the Fortnite patch 6.20 notes, which introduce some new weapons to help you on your quest to dispatch your new PvE enemies.