Fortnite fountain, junkyard crane, and vending machine locations

Tagging up battle royale island for this week’s mission? Here’s where to find a fountain, junkyard crane, and vending machine

junkyard crane in fortnite

Looking for fountain, junkyard crane, and vending machine in Fortnite? The latest Fortnite mission – Spray and Pray – tasks players with spray painting the pretty much the whole Fortnite island, covering everything from Fortnite gas stations to frozen waterfalls with your favourite Fortnite sprays. One of the many challenges in this mission requires you to visit and spray three different locations: a fountain, a junkyard crane, and a vending machine.

Now you should have no trouble at all tracking down a vending machine in Fortnite, and finding a fountain shouldn’t be too tricky either. However, locating a junkyard crane is no mean feat unless you know where to find one.

Fortunately for you, we’ve dropped from that Battle Bus already and tracked down each of these locations so that all you need to do is place a pin on your in-game map and get tagging. Oh, and in case you’re not an experienced graffiti artist, to spray a surface you just need to scroll through you emotes wheel and use one of the emotes with a picture painted onto a wall – any mural will do for these challenges.

Fortnite fountain, junkyard crane, and vending machine locations

You can visit any of the vending machines and spray them to tick off one of the three locations, but for the fountain you’ll want to head to Mega Mall. Finally, for that junkyard crane there’s only one spot you should search: Junk Junction.

season 10 mission map

Take a look at the map above for the exact spots to search. If you’re stuck trying to find a vending machine then you can find one in both of these named locations, too.

And there you have it. Definitely one of the easier challenges this week – tracking down five Fortnite lost spraycans or tagging Fortnite gas stations ain’t easy – so you should have no trouble cruising through this and racking up a few more Battle Pass tiers in the process.

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