Fortnite gas stations: where to find and spray three Fortnite gas stations

Looking for three gas stations to tag across the Fortnite map? Here’s where to find them all

Fortnite gas station locations

The latest Fortnite mission to unlock is all about tagging up the battle royale mode, so you’ll need to equip your favourite spray before boarding the Battle Bus in search of spots to spray paint. The challenge is simple: spray three different Fortnite gas stations. There’s no specific demand to do it all in one life either, so this one should be easy enough, unless of course you don’t know where to find three Fortnite gas stations. That’s where we come in.

This challenge is definitely worth tracking down as the reward is a full Battle Pass tier, which could be enough to unlock a new Fortnite skin like Tilted Teknique, which should explain why there’s so much spray-painting in this set of challenges. The other neat thing about the new Fortnite mission system is that you need to tick off challenges to gain access to new ones. So, if you want to unlock access to the Fortnite lost spray cans challenge then you’ll need to tag up some gas stations first.

Keep reading for a quick list of where to find all three Fortnite gas stations, plus a handy map showing you precisely where to drop. You can even spot these gas stations from the map, but it’s not easy to tell which buildings they are, hence us swooping in to save you.

Fortnite gas stations

You can find one gas station just north of Lucky Landing. The next one can be located within the northeastern corner of Salty Springs. The third and final Fortnite gas station can be spotted on a road south of Pleasant Park that leads to Tilted Town.

Of course that’s not every gas station: you can find one east of Lucky Landing in the truck stop. And you can find a fifth near the sports pitch in the unnamed area between Tilted Town and Snobby Shores.

map of fortnite gas stations

Check out the map above to see precisely where to drop to complete this mission. There are plenty more challenges to tick off among the extensive Fortnite missions list, including destroying Fortnite stops signs, tracking down lost spraycans, and where to visit a Drift painted Durr Burger Head.

And there you have it, where to find all Fortnite gas stations. In case you’re not sure exactly how to tag them, simply walk up to any surface and use any of your spray emotes on it to tick that station off.

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