Fortnite giant Astro heads: where to bounce off different bouncy Astro heads

Looking to unlock some of the Astronomical cosmetics? Here's where to find all the bouncy Astro heads

There are five Fortnite giant Astro heads dotted around Sweaty Sands and to tick this challenge off and get a step closer to unlocking the Travis Scott event emote then you’ll need to climb to the top of all of them and bounce off. These are pretty easy to spot, but in case you can’t find all five then we’ve marked them all on a map for you in the guide.

As for how to bounce off these giant Astro heads, we’ve tried a few times but it seems you have to get to the top of each Astro head and jump on them in order to actually bounce. That means you should bring plenty of resources to ramp up these heads. In case you’re wondering what they look like – they, er, look like Travis Scott, except they’re golden.

All five are dotted around the Sweaty Sands named location so you should be able to grab them all in a single match if you can survive the other battle royale players. Bouncing off all of them will complete one of the Astronomical challenges, and if you complete them all then you’ll earn a new event-themed emote.

Fortnite giant Astro heads locations

As you can see from the map below, you’ll need to do a full circuit of Sweaty Sands’ surrounding hills to complete this challenge.

giant astro heads Fortnite map

And there you have it, where to bounce off Astro heads in Fortnite. Whether you’re a fan of Cactus Jack or just here to collect the free Fortnite skins, hopefully we’ve helped you out a little. Oh, and in case you’re wondering when the Travis Scott concert start time is, we’ve got you covered.