Fortnite giant beach ball locations: where to bounce a giant beach ball in different matches

Epic certainly know how to have fun when it comes to the summer months, so here are all the big ol' toys they've added

There are a few giant beach ball locations in Fortnite so, if you’re not exactly getting lucky in terms of Victory Royales, you can at least have a laugh with your mates by bouncing these toys all over the place. But, where are they all? This guide is going to show you all the places you can bounce Fortnite’s giant beach balls.

This is the second quest that comes part of the limited-time Fortnite 14 Days of Summer challenges. Every day for the next two weeks we get a fresh new challenge and a cosmetic reward if we complete it. Also, as a result of some clever leaking, we have an idea of what future ones we’ll be tackling are, too. The beach-themed loading screen reward we get for this challenge looks like it’s going to be necessary, if the leaks continue to be spot on.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand: Fortnite’s giant beach balls. There are three possible locations we’re aware of so far and you need to bounce them at least once over the course of five different matches. We hope you’ve caught up with your Fortnite beach parties challenge to free you up but, now, here’s where to bounce Fortnite giant beach balls in different matches.

All Fortnite giant beach ball locations

All you need to do when you find one of the large toys is rush up to it and give it a knock. You can get under it and bounce it on your head, or smash it with your harvesting tool; it’s completely up to you.

In the screenshot below you can get an idea of what each Fortnite giant beach ball looks like, although we’ll be surprised if you miss them once you approach the right area. They themselves are marked on the map above.

The three Fortnite giant beach ball locations are:

  • South of The Block
  • Northwest of Paradise Palms
  • Northwest of Salty Springs beneath a Sky Platform

And there you are, that’s where to bounce all the Fortnite beach balls you can ever want. Remember, you’ll need to do this five separate times to get the loading screen reward. Just remember to not have too much fun and forget to protect yourself, ok?

It’s Fortbyte time:
Fortnite Fortbytes locations
Fortnite Fortbyte 60
Fortnite Fortbyte 11

And, remember, you’ve still got your Fortbytes to collect. With 100 to collect in total, we’d understand if you’ve missed a few, so we’ve linked a few of our more recent guides above. For now, have fun in your impromptu volleyball matches.