Fortnite giant beach umbrella locations: where to bounce off a giant beach umbrella in different matches

Forget about health and safety, here’s where to jump on some protective parasols for your latest cosmetic reward

Where are the giant beach umbrella locations in Fortnite? It’s summertime in the land of Battle Royale, and that means the hot sun is beating down on the 100 players raining down from the Battle Bus with each game. That said, Epic Games has provided the necessary protection from those nasty UV rays across the map, and we’re going to show you where they all are.

Today’s task – bouncing on three Fortnite giant beach umbrellas – is the latest one to hit the Fortnite 14 Days of Summer challenges. While Epic is away on its actual holidays to refresh and recharge, we still have plenty of activities with which to get cracking. Each day of the fortnight – geddit? – we get a new objective with an associated reward for each one ticked off. What’s more, when you’re done with all 14, you’ll get the Smoothie Back Bling. Poor Peely.

So, with that in our sights, let’s get cracking with the newest challenge. The gargantuan yellow and orange parasols are pretty hard to miss, but we’re going to show you where to find them all anyway. The best way to bounce on them is to dive straight down on them, but you could always build up to them. Anyway, here’s where to find all giant beach umbrellas in Fortnite.

All Fortnite giant beach umbrella locations

There are six Fortnite beach umbrellas in total, but you only need to get three of them to complete the challenge. Below you can see a map indicating where each brolly is, so all you need to do is get your aim right when you depart the Battle Bus – without forgetting to thank the bus driver in Fortnite, of course.

As ever, when the challenge goes live, most players will be heading to these spots, so you’ll be best served by heading straight to them to help you get bouncing. Otherwise the scrabble for building materials amid the gunfire might make this objective more trouble than it’s worth.

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And there you go, all Fortnite beach umbrella locations. Once you’ve found the three you need you’ll have the Summertime Splashdown loading screen in your possession and be a step closer to getting them all done. Next, make sure your Fortnite Fortbytes are all up to date: recently we’ve seen Fortnite Fortbyte 63 go up, so add that to your library to ensure your collection is as up to date as possible.