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Fortnite glitch leaves players unable to buy or level battle pass

If you’re unable to buy or level the Fortnite battle pass, you aren’t alone, as Epic Games reports that a bug is preventing players from spending V-bucks.

Unable to buy levels Fortnite battle pass - a figure wearing a white and red demon mask with large horns.

Unable to buy the Fortnite battle pass? Fortnite players are being left confused right now as a glitch leaves them unable to purchase or level up the battle pass for the battle royale game. In some cases, the shop shows that the price of buying levels is free, having been reduced to zero V-bucks, but you can’t actually do anything. Instead, selecting purchase leaves you locked from doing anything but backing out from the page.

The official Fortnite Status account of developer Epic Games confirms that a glitch is responsible, which is likely the reason you’re currently unable to pick up the battle pass or spend V-bucks to level it up for bonus rewards. The account tweets, “We are investigating an issue which prevents players from purchasing the battle pass as well as battle pass levels. We will provide an update once the issue is resolved.”

With Fortnite chapter 4 season 2 almost over, it’s unlikely many players are looking to buy the battle pass now. However, with the season set to conclude on June 9, there’s a good chance players may be thinking about leveling it up further to claim any rewards that they weren’t able to earn during the season, which include the Fortnite Eren Jaeger skin from the hugely popular Attack on Titan anime.

Tweet from the Fortnite Status account: "We are investigating an issue which prevents players from purchasing the Battle Pass as well as Battle Pass Levels. We will provide an update once the issue is resolved."

Epic Games is typically pretty quick to resolve issues, so it’s likely that this Fortnite bug won’t stick around for too long. Therefore, if you’ve run into it yourself, don’t worry – and if you saw the discount to zero V-bucks and thought you might be missing out on an opportunity for free battle pass levels, we’re sorry to tell you that it’s likely just part of this glitch. The good news is that you probably haven’t actually missed anything.

Those of you trying to finish off your battle pass manually will want to check our guide to the Fortnite map for chapter 4 season 2 to make sure you don’t miss out on the best Fortnite skins. We’ve also got all the details on the new Fortnite ranked mode for the ultra-competitive among you.