Fortnite glitched foraged items: where to find and consume glitched items

A new anomaly has appeared on the Fortnite map, and this week’s challenges task you with eating them all

glitched foraged items in Fortnite

Where do you find glitched foraged items in Fortnite? The latest weekly bath of Fortnite challenges for Season 10 has just dropped, and the map has changed a little bit to match them. On challenge that may stump you this week can be found in the timed Junk Storm Mission, and asks players to consume glitched foraged items five times.

By now you should all know where to find such foraged items as apples, mushrooms, coconuts, and so on, but this is the first time we’ve encountered glitched foraged items in Fortnite. Or is it? Once you find these pesky consumables you’ll instantly recognise them as Hop Rocks from a previous season.

Of course, you’re here to find out where to hunt down these glitched consumables, and we’re here to oblige. You’ll notice if you open up your in-game map that the area just west of Tilted Town is now a desolate crater of mud. This is the spot you’ll want to head to, but take care as you will face plenty of opposition when you land.

Where to find Fortnite glitched foraged items

Take a look at the map below and you’ll see exactly where to drop in order to grab these new items. Once in the area you should have no problem spotting the glitch Hop Rocks as they glow blue, so simply run up to one and hole E to consume it. Four more and the challenge will complete.

map of glitched foraged items in Fortnite

It’s really important to note that there are a couple of chest spawns in the area, so if you want to walk away alive you’ll want to land near one, grab a gun and get to work clearing out any enemies before running in to feast on glitched treats.

And there you have it. The Fortnite missions list is a little light this week when it comes to genuinely taxing challenges or puzzles, but hopefully we’ll see some tough challenges next week and we can help you grab some new Fortnite skins to add to your locker.

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