Fortnite goose eggs: where to search waterside goose nests

The 14 Days of Fortnite challenges continue today with a festive goose egg hunt

fortnite goose eggs waterside nests

Struggling to hunt down some elusive Fortnite goose eggs? Christmas is widely known as a time for gluttony and over-consumption and Epic Games is clearly in the festive spirit, serving up a whopping 14 daily challenges through its 14 Days of Fortnite challenges event. Today’s seasonal challenge asks plays to search through waterside goose nests to collect goose eggs.

Manage to track all the Fortnite goose eggs down and you’ll earn a reward, although it’s currently not known what that reward will be – we’ve already seen some good rewards from this event, such as throwable snowballs, loading screens, and festive sprays.

This challenge was first unearthed by prolific Fortnite dataminer Sr DraBx, who spotted the files for each of the challenges before they were fully revealed.

Because of that leak we’ve already managed to spot a few waterside goose nests for you to search for yourself. This challenge has only just gone live so we’re currently in-game to see how the challenge works and double-check our list of goose egg locations is correct and complete.

Fortnite goose egg locations

Most of these nests can be found in the southern portion of the map and all of them are near water, making those goose eggs relatively easy to find. You’ll find two nests in Fatal Fields and three in the desert biome, so the south-east portion of the world is particularly lucrative. Below you’ll find our custom Fortnite goose eggs map, just click to enlarge it.


Here are the seven Fortnite goose nest locations:

  • The southern pond in Dusty Divot
  • The lake in Fatal Fields
  • By the stream east of Tilted Towers
  • At the stream south of Paradise Palms
  • Next to the oasis south-east of Fatal Fields
  • By the stream north-east of Fatal Fields
  • At the oasis directly south of Retail Row
  • By the river below the viking ship
  • South-east of the frozen lake
  • North side of Lazy Links
  • North-east edge of Loot Lake
  • By the river that runs off the north edge of the map

Once you find one of the goose nests you simply have to aim at it and hold the E key to search it. Good luck with that omelette!

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For help ticking off some of the other recent challenges, you can look at our list of all 14 Days of Fortnite challenges, or gain an easy Battle Pass tier then all you have to do is search between three ski lodges. We’ll be updating our site with all of the latest Fortnite challenges over the holidays, too, so keep checking back if you need help hunting anything down.