Fortnite grills: where to destroy grills with the Low ‘n’ Slow harvesting tool in Fortnite

If you really hate BBQ food, this is the challenge for you. Here's how to round out your summer challenges with a bang

Where do I destroy grills in Fortnite? Your seasonal challenges are approaching an end with this task, so your inventory should be bulging with new cosmetics to complement your newly-sunny disposition by now. However, you still have one daily reward to grab in your Fortnite 14 Days of Summer challenges so you can get your bonus reward, the Smoothie Back Bling.

That said, you’ll need to have kept your challenge completion up to date before you can start this quest. Like a fair few of the Fortnite Fortbytes locations challenges, you will have to have a certain item in order to complete the task. On this occasion it’s the Fortnite Low ‘n’ Slow harvesting tool, a pickaxe you get for ticking off the task of launching multiple Fortnite fireworks along the river bank running from the north to the south of the map. Now, onto destroying Fortnite grills.

In the last fortnight, you have attended various Fortnite beach parties, so what could possibly be a better way of showing appreciation for your Epic hosts than by, err, smashing up the Fortnite grills with which your lovely food was prepared? Anyway, you need to destroy seven grills in Fortnite to get a new gastronomical banner, so below you’ll find the easiest way to find them all.

Fortnite grills locations

Provided you’re armed with the correct cosmetic, you can start your descent down onto the map on your path of BBQ-based destruction. There are more than enough opportunities to destroy Fortnite grills than you actually need, but we’re giving you an idea of how to find pretty much of all them, just in case you have a virulent hatred of al fresco cooking equipment.

We’ve plotted all the grill location we’re aware of on the map above. As you can see, chances are there’s one pretty close to you wherever you drop – with the exception of the ice biome, for obvious reasons. Whereas there are plenty of grills in hotter and suburban areas, so the most efficient way of finishing this quest is by dropping over Paradise Palms, which has four all in close proximity. Below are descriptions for those spots:

  • Next to the southern swimming pool
  • In the central courtyard
  • By a red umbrella on the north side
  • In the northeastern corner

Once you’ve picked up these four, you’ll have your seven smashed barbies in no time. All you need to do for each one is head up to them as bash them just as you would to get yourself some building materials.

Spend your summer right:
Fortnite tiny rubber ducky
Fortnite rubber ducky
Fortnite unicorn floaties

And there’s you all done, that’s where to destroy grills in Fortnite with the Low ‘n’ Slow harvesting tool. As ever you’ve still got your weekly challenges to get done, so here’s where to visit each of the three Fortnite solar arrays. That’ll help you through your Battle Pass to help you grab your Fortbytes and all the cosmetic loot you could possible want. Just don’t expect to be invited back to the next Epic barbeque.