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How to complete the Fortnite Herald quests

Everything you need to know about how to complete the Fortnite Herald quests and all of the skins and other rewards you can earn for completing them

Fortnite Herald quests - the Herald skin is a purple woman wearing a frayed violet dress and has magenta hair. Her eyes and waist have a cyan glow and her hands are outstretched.

In a bizarre twist of events, the Fortnite Herald quests dropped without any warning. These mid-season updates to the popular battle royale game are similar to other free Fortnite skins given away such as Indiana Jones and Superman, unlike the many skins available at a premium price for Fortnite V-bucks in the shop.

From now until the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 5 release date, you can complete Fortnite Herald quests to earn a treasure trove of goodies, including a new harvesting tool, spray, and back bling styles among many others. Perhaps the most attractive reward is the Herald’s skin and Burning Ember cloak variant.

Fortnite Herald quests - a checklist of the first set of the Herald quests and their rewards.

Fortnite Herald quest rewards

Initially, you will only see the first five of these Fortnite Herald quests. To see the rest, you need to complete all five challenges on the first page. Here are all of the rewards for completing the Fortnite Herald quests:

  • Epitaph Edge (Harvesting Tool) – ignite 50 structures.
  • The Herald’s Leer (Spray) – eliminate ten opponents.
  • Herald (Banner Icon) – deal 500 damage opponents while Chrome-ified.
  • Fading Ember Cloak (Back Bling) – tame two Chrome-ified wildlife.
  • The Herald (outfit) – complete three The Herald quests.
  • Reality’s Master (Emote) – destroy 50 objects with the Explosive Goo Gun.
  • Chrome-gratulations (Emoticon) – get Chrome-ified while driving.
  • Nothing is Happening (Loading Screen) – talk with three characters and deliver The Herald’s warning.
  • Heraldic (Wrap) – eliminate seven opponents at airborne locations.
  • The Herald (Burning Ember cloak) (outfit) – land at Herald’s Sanctum and place in top 10 twice.
  • Fading Ember Cloak (Burning Ember Cloak) (Back Bling) – land at Herald’s Sanctum and place top 10 twice.

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In order to complete these Herald quests, you may wish to keep an eye on where all of the Fortnite NPC locations are on the Fortnite map. Other quests rely on you getting Chrome Splash items to coat yourself, cars, and even wildlife in the silvery liquid.