Fortnite ice cream parlor location: where to use Keep It Mello at an ice cream parlor – Showtime challenges

Looking for the ice cream parlor so you can use your new emote? Celebrate the Marshmello gig to get a cool new harvesting tool

fortnite ice cream parlor location melo

Where is the ice cream parlor in Fortnite? Fortnite’s desert biome is a rather hot, dry place, so a nice, ice-cold treat is the perfect antidote. We imagine that Fortnite’s ice cream parlor does some pretty tidy business. Anyway, here’s where you can find the place to use your new DJ-inspired emote.

Besides the fact that it’ll be absolutely delicious to sample all of the lovely ice cream flavours available, we’re also doing it so we can bag ourselves the next set of special Showtime challenge rewards. In other words, you’ll get a Marshmello harvesting tool as long as you complete this tasty quest.

Yes, if you’ve stumbled across this guide without having first got the Keep It Mello emote, you’ll be dancing for no better reason that it’s an awful lot of fun – so if you want the loot, you’re going to have to go and do that first. So, let’s get to it: here’s where to the new ice cream parlor in Fortnite.

Fortnite ice cream parlor location

You’ll find the cool hangout directly west of the race track near Paradise Palms. It’s vibrant pink exterior stands out against the brown sands – you can’t miss it. If you need more specific directions, here’s a map below.

Fortnite ice cream parlor map

If you’re looking for how to complete the other parts of this challenge, you can find guides on them below:

And there you have it, that’s where to dance on top of a the ice cream parlor in Fortnite. If you just can’t wait until the gig starts, you can always grab some more Marshmello-themed gear by search a Fortnite Showtime poster. Now, on the plus side, you can now go shopping and get some dinner without having to worry about crossing battle-scarred terrain. Handy, that.