Fortnite indoor soccer pitch location: where to score a goal on an indoor soccer pitch in Fortnite

Fancy yourself the next Megan Rapinoe? Here’s where to stick in the back of the ol’ onion bag in Battle Royale

Where is the indoor soccer pitch in Fortnite? The World Cup may be over with – the football one, not the Battle Royale event which included second place UK duos player, Wolfiez – but that means we’re all heading back into the game to put into practice what we’ve learned from the upsettingly young pros.

So, naturally, that means we’re looking to the latest Fortnite Overtime challenge: this time, we must score a goal on a Fortnite indoor soccer pitch. For the playmakers and star strikers among you, this isn’t exactly that hard, since you’re often just kicking the ball into an open goal. That said, the fact that this is an indoor football field means that it can be pretty tough to actually find the damn thing; outside Fortnite soccer pitches are much simpler to find without a roof covering them.

Of course, that’s where we come in. We’re going to show you where to find the indoor soccer pitchy in Fortnite so you can conclude your final challenges ahead of the imminent Fortnite season 10 release date. When that day comes you won’t be able to complete your weekly or Overtime tasks, finish off your remaining Fortnite Fortbytes, and get all the possible rewards. So, let’s not do that: here’s where to find the Fortnite indoor soccer pitch.

Fortnite indoor soccer pitch location

You can find the playing field you need by landing your glider between the named areas of Snobby Shores and Neo Tilted, or on the northern edge of the ice biome. As you’re flying over you should see a collection of buildings with a big grey warehouse next to a basketball court – that’s where you should head.

If you head into the big grey building, you should see what is shown in the screenshot above. Then, provided you’re not completely swamped with other players fouling you with an assault rifle to the head, you should be free to thump in a top-bins screamer.

Once that’s done – and your Fortnite Singularity styles are all collected, you should be ready and primed for the tenth phase of Fortnite.