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Where to interact with a Fortnite IO operative’s computer

Every location for the Fortnite IO operative’s computers

Want to know where the IO operative computers are in Fortnite? We’re back to trying to rebel against the aliens in the popular battle royale game’s legendary challenges this week. Doctor Slone asks us to use our wily nature to get information out of the IO organisation’s computers (not to be confused with computer io games) and hack into their communications to identify an infiltrator.

Other legendary challenges this week include where to plant wiretaps in different key locations, mindwipe Bunker Jonesy, Swamp Stalker, or Human Bill, and converse with characters to identify the infiltrator. All of these are non-hostile Fortnite NPCs that you can interact with, unlike Fortnite bosses.

As for this challenge, there are a total of ten Fortnite IO operative computers, though you only need to use one of them to complete the challenge. Here’s every single Fortnite IO operative computer location, so you can find them with ease.

Fortnite IO operative computer locations

You can find at least one IO operative computer at any one of the IO satellite stations. They’re inside the main building of each base. You can also find a few IO operative computers inside the IO base in Corny Complex, but we don’t recommend using these computers to complete the challenge.

Here is every Fortnite IO operative computer location:

All ten of the IO operative computer locations in Fortnite pinned on a map.

  • Satellite station north of Pleasant Park – in the server room of the main building
  • Satellite station west of Believer Beach – next to the command console in the main building
  • Satellite station southwest of Slurpy Swamp – in the main building near a command console
  • Satellite station east of Weeping Woods – inside the garage
  • Satellite station west of Dirty Docks – inside the garage
  • Satellite station west of Steamy Stacks – in the computer room of the main building
  • Satellite station southeast of Misty Meadows – close to the stairs in the main building
  • Corny Complex IO base – lowest floor inside the laboratory
  • Corny Complex IO base – second lowest floor inside the lab with the washing machine
  • Corny Complex IO base – second lowest floor, by some command consoles in the main hallway

And those are all of the Fortnite IO operative computer locations. A new weapon was introduced this week, the Fortnite plasma cannon. We also have this week’s Fortnite alien artifacts locations, as well as all of the Fortnite Kymera styles available to unlock.