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Fortnite adds John Cena skin bundle in WWE tag-team collaboration

Fortnite and John Cena might not be the natural pairing you'd expect, but that doesn't make us any less excited to run around in a skin nobody can see

Fortnite John Cena skin which is just two John Cenas in front of a yellow background

Fortnite, the famous battle royale game, and John Cena, the world-renowned invisible wrestler, have finally come together to form the ultimate tag team. While we expect crossovers like the upcoming Dragon Ball Z one, it’s also a little odd to see real people in the game.

According to ShiinaBR, we’ll be seeing (or not seeing) the skins on July 28, which for the eagle-eyed among you is tomorrow. The bundle contains the man himself in two different styles, the You Can’t See Me back bling, and the You Can’t See Me emote, which features his classic intro music as well. It’s just a bundle of joy for wrestling fans, and it’s no doubt going to be one of those crossovers that pulls a few more people into the game.

The best thing about this skin is that it renders you invisible to other players, making it the first pay-to-win skin in Fortnite’s history. Just so we’re all clear, that’s a joke and is a reference to the emote and an ongoing internet joke that John Cena is literally invisible. If that were true, nobody would be able to see him being a surprisingly good actor in Peacemaker, now would they?

One of the stranger things about this skin is that it coincides with a John Cena-themed decal in Rocket League. We’re assuming it’s actually Epic themselves that has a thing going with the WWE at the moment, and not just Fortnite. That could mean even more wrestling crossovers going forwards too.

In other Fortnite news, it looks like Impulse Grenades could be back on the menu.