Fortnite: find Jonesy in the sewers location

If you're struggling to complete the latest quest buried in the Michael Jordan crossover mode, here's what to do

Where is Jonesy in the sewers in Fortnite? One of the game’s most recognisable faces has got himself in a pickle again, and it’s up to you to help him out. Everybody else might be itching to reach the finish line first, but we know your selfless enough to help a – now slightly smelly – fellow out.

Finding Fortnite’s Jonesy sewers location is one of the latest Fortnite Downtown Drop challenges that come as part of the new limited-time crossover mode. And, if you’re willing to dig your way through the murk of Epic’s underground passages, so to speak, you’ll get yourself the uncommon G.O.A.T spray.

This isn’t the first time the blonde hunk has found himself in a tricky spot. He is also stuck in an out-of-the-way alleyway, so skate over to our Fortnite find Jonesy hidden behind a fence guide to tick off that task. But now he’s got himself stuck himself in the collective sewage of millions of battle royale players worldwide, probably. So, let’s get started, here is the Fortnite Jonesy sewers location.

Fortnite: find Jonesy in the sewers location

So, first things first, we need to get to the Fortnite Downtown Drop sewers. You do this by going past the two food trucks – the ones you need to do a Fortnite dance or emote between two food trucks – and turn right. Then look for the hole in the ground that leads to the game’s network of subterranean tunnels. It’ll be right in the middle of the road.

The screenshot above will give you a good idea what your destination looks like, but you need to head all the way to the end of the sewer by taking a turn at every corner and you’ll see Jonesy behind bars and partly obscured by flora.

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And there you go, that is Jonesy’s sewer location in Fortnite. We admire your bravery and ability to hold back a pungent stench. Now that you’re done, have a crack at the other Downtown Drop objectives available to get yourself even more skateboard back blings – here’s how to collect a basketball, coin and shoe in Fortnite’s new LTM. Now, if you have any goodwill left over, Jonesy needs a hot bath and set of fresh clothes, so get to it.