Fortnite Dragon Ball Kamehameha hides an excellent easter egg

The Fortnite Dragon Ball Kamehameha isn't just fun in the battle royale game, but also hides one of the coolest nods to the Goku anime in Chapter 3 Season 3

The Fortnite Dragon Ball Kamehameha has a cool easter egg. This image shows both Goku and Vegeta with an orange background.

Fortnite’s Kamehameha is one of the coolest features of the battle royale game’s incredible Dragon Ball crossover event. If you’ve not had the chance to check it out yet, it should absolutely go to the top of your to-do list because it’s pure undiluted fun, but it actually also hides a very cool nod to the anime, too.

It’s no huge surprise that there are hidden aspects to the ultimate beam attack, especially given how much care and attention often goes into these crossover events. However, this isn’t something that’s easy to replicate, because it needs almost perfect timing if you want to avoid dying.

Fortnite Dragon Ball Kamehameha: Chun-Li is emitting Ki from her hands, producing a powerful Kamehameha wave. It is clashing with another Kamehameha wave.

Louigilou2 posted a clip to Reddit showing off a battle they had playing as Goku against someone playing as Vegeta. The two clash a lot in the early episodes of Dragon Ball Z, and their rivalry is a key part of the show, leading to some of the most brutal villains as the show goes on. One thing that’s also an integral part of the show, is that if two energy beams meet, they clash, and while it’s hard to achieve, Fortnite does this, too.

From the standard third-person viewpoint, the clip looks fun as is, with Louigilou2 jumping into the air and firing down at Vegeta with neither of them taking damage. However, the video then shows off a side view, where you can really see the beams clashing, and it looks absolutely incredible. The video shows off just how tricky the timing is, too, with the two beams being fired within a fraction of a second of each other.

If you’re looking to get your hands on the Kamehameha, you can grab them from the Capsules.  We’ve also got you covered with some Fortnite tips and tricks too. You might also want to check out some of the best battle royale games and best multiplayer games on PC, includng PUBG and Apex Legends.