Fortnite letter I location: where is the letter I in the loading screen

The Fortnite Chapter 2 Week 6 hidden letter explained and where to find the hidden I


Looking for the letter I in this week’s Fortnite loading screen? It’s that time of the week already, the latest Fortnite weekly challenges have dropped and as always, you’ll need to find the letter in the loading screen.

First of all, you’ll need to complete all the other challenges this week before the letter unlocks. If you head to the Fortnite letter I location, you won’t find it without doing so. If you need to play catch up on the other letters, here’s where you can find the letter F, O, R, T, and N as part of Fornite’s weekly loading screen challenges.

Unlike other challenges, including this week’s Fortnite dancing at the Pipeman, Hayman and Timber Tent, you won’t need any Fortnite skins, emotes or dance moves to complete this. You’ll simply need to find the letter I to fulfil the list of this week’s challenges. So, here’s where you can find the letter I in this week’s Fortnite challenges.

Fortnite letter I location


You’ll want to head to Frenzy Farm, specifically, the large barn at the top. It’s hard to make out in the Hide and Seek loading screen, especially with all the foreground commotion, but sure enough hanging out in the background you’ll find the letter I on the top floor of the barn.

If you’re in a hurry, you can always land on the top of the barn and dig your way down. This is quite a popular place to land anyway, unlike previous Fortnite landmark challenges, so be sure to loot up.

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