Fortnite: lonely recliner, radio station, and outdoor movie theater locations

There are three spots to hit for this Fortnite challenge, here’s where to go


A Fortnite Challenge this week asks us to visit a lonely recliner, radio station, and outdoor movie theater. Some serious stamina may be required, but hitting all three should be a doddle as long as you know where you’re going.

This Fortnite challenge is part of the Cameo vs. Chic missions this week but requires some location-based know-how. It’s not too uncommon for other tasks to ask for something more, like wearing a certain Fortnite skin or using a specific glider. So, this Fortnite challenge should be quick to do. On top of that, all three locations are based in the northeast part of the map, so the shrinking circle shouldn’t be too troublesome.

To make this easier, we’ve put together a Fortnite map to make the destinations clear. So, if you’re ready, get your Fortnite map out and mark the first location you want to head to. There is no set order you have to do this in, so feel free to pick whatever one you like. On that note, here are the Fortnite lonely recliner, radio station, and outdoor movie theater locations.

Fortnite: lonely recliner, radio station, and outdoor movie theater

The Fortnite: lonely recliner, radio Station, and outdoor movie theater locations are:

  • Lonely recliner: west of Dirty Docks
  • Radio station: east of Craggy Cliffs
  • Outdoor movie theater: west of Franzy Farm

Thankfully, all of these locations are in the northeast of the map, so you shouldn’t have to travel too far to get to them. The only challenge, really, is avoiding gunfire from other players. See the map below for more visual information.

And there you have it, the Fortnite Lonely Recliner, Radio Station, and Outdoor Movie Theater locations. This is a fairly quick and breeze Fortnite challenge, so it’s good to get it out the way soon. We also covered the Fortnite search the hidden gnome found in between a race track, a cabbage patch, and a farm sign challenge. So do feel free to check that out if it’s something you want help with.