Fortnite adds killer loot chickens and axes sharks

Fortnite loot chickens will mess you up, Zelda-style.

Fortnite Loot Chickens will mess you up

As part of a hotfix for the new Fortnite 19.40 update, Epic Games’ popular battle royale game now has killer poultry. Avian Ambush week has begun, and these Fortnite loot chickens can net players some powerful weapons – if you can kill them before they kill you.

Anyone who’s played The Legend of Zelda games, particularly Ocarina of Time, will know of the terrible fury unleashed if you dare to attack the Cuccos. Fortnite players are in a similar situation now, as Epic has added special “loot chickens”.

Shoot one of these glowing birds and it will drop a decent weapon, depending on the colour of the chicken’s aura – purple for a Legendary item seems the most common. Unfortunately, this will cause all of the chickens in the surrounding area to attack the player, even if they’re just the regular type. They don’t do too much damage but can call a lot of unwanted attention to the player, so make sure to either get them before they get you – or nab the loot and escape.

These loot chickens have been added as part of Fortnite’s Avian Ambush week, which runs until March 15 – although the loot chickens themselves should stick around for longer. Unfortunately, Epic has decided to vault the existing loot sharks, wolves, boars, and frogs to increase the spawn rate of the chickens (thanks, Fortnite News).

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We’re just over a week away from the start of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, to get hunting those chickens while you still can.