Fortnite custom music maps are the perfect rave party

Fortnite and music go together like a person and their dog so it's nice to see Epic showing off these call creator-made musical maps

Three Fortnite characters stood in front of a musical stage with lasers all over the place

Fortnite’s music is one of its biggest attractions. This battle royale game has more than its fair share of bangers and bops, and Epic asked its creators to embrace that fact back in April with the music callout. It’s been a few months since then, but there are a lot of cool maps for you to explore because of it.

Epic has put out a post explaining these fun-filled musical experiences. You can check out the Soundchecks row in Discover to find them, and it also includes all of the island codes for them, too. It’s a good chance to take a bit of time away from shooting each other to enjoy the music and the general vibe that Fortnite offers.

We tried out a few of them and they were psychedelic experiences that warp you from one place to the next and have you trying to collect musical notes, shoot paintballs at things, and just generally mess with gravity. Our favourite of the ones we tried was Prismatic Planet: Maestro Shark, which was filled with brightly coloured worlds, excellent music, and unique gameplay experiences like bouncing on gigantic pancakes.

The whole thing serves as a reminder that Fortnite Creative is an unparalleled gift to the community. There are so many wonderful things to explore, and so many talented creators, and it’s a shame that more people can’t post their worlds up. It’s also unfortunate that we don’t have an equivalent to this in games like Rocket League, because community content can really help keep things alive.

In other Fortnite news, Epic built a course of videos designed to help Minecraft educators include Fortnite Creative in their unusual lessons.