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I pity the fool who doesn't buy this Mr T. Fortnite skin

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Update, May 16: A new Fortnite datamine has revealed a suite of new cosmetics.

Several new Fortnite cosmetics, including a Fortnite Mr. T skin, have been datamined. As with the release of last season’s Fortnite Raven skin, the new cosmetics have been datamined (courtesy of TwoEpicBuddies), but we don’t yet know when they’ll  be available in-game.

The obvious highlight, as pointed out earlier, is the Fortnite Mr. T skin. Much like the John Wick skin from season three, it’s very much an unofficial adaptation, but the similarities between the skin and the member of the original cast of The A-Team is pretty undeniable.

Fortnite Mr T

As well as Mr. T, there are four more new Fortnite skins included in the datamine. In keeping with season four’s superhero theme, there’s a spandex-covered man with an enormous V emblazoned on his chest. It could be that he’s the male equivalent of the Valiant cosmetic set available as part of this season’s battlepass, or it could be Epic’s way of paying homage to their biggest money-maker, the V-buck.

Here's everything you need to know about Fortnite season 4.

There’s also a monster very clearly modelled off the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and a pair of what appear to be deep sea divers. Those are all more in-keeping with the movie sub-theme that’s occupied Fortnite’s map in the past few weeks. To go with the new skins, there are also brand new back-blings, gliders, and pickaxes, from repurposed stop signs to oxygen tanks. You can check out the full set of new cosmetics at FortniteIntel.

Update, May 3: The Fortnite season 4 battle pass trailer is here.

Epic Games have released a trailer for the Fortnite season 4 battle pass. The trailer, which was posted to Twitter yesterday, gives us the best look yet at the season four skins and rewards.


The video shows off several of the new skins, as well as new gliders, pickaxes, and the brand new Fortnite spray cosmetics

Update, May 1: Dataminers have dug up more Fortnite skins and cosmetics we can expect to see during Season 4.

Fortnite Season 4 is upon us, and that means loads of new skins. We’ve already seen seven new looks unlocked in this season’s Battle Pass - check those out in the video above - and now dataminers have uncovered an additional seven skins that should come into rotation soon.

Coming via TwoEpicBuddies on Twitter (if the watermark didn’t give it away), you can see all those skins below, mixed in with the skins which are already live.

fortnite season 4 datamine skins

The new stuff includes got male and female ravers dressed up in some (probably) intentional horrible black and neon, male and female commandos who appear to have Colossus-like metal skin, and a new soldier with an Air Force commander look complete with aviators. There are also opposite-gendered versions of the Squad Leader and Teknique skins that went live today.

Those datamines have also uncovered a host of new gliders, pickaxes, and back blings, which are all pretty self-explanatory. Do take special note of the paint roller, which may just signal the Fortnite-meets-Splatoon crossover that I and I alone have been clamoring for.

fortnite season 4 gliders pickaxes back bling

Update, April 27: Fortnite's latest update brought with it some brand new skins.

Dataminers have uncovered unannounced Fortnite cosmetics. Patch v3.6 added two new skins, as well a new emote, an axe, and a backpack.

The two new skins, which were uncovered by Storm Shield One are the Care Bear-inspired Brite Gunner, and the cyborg-styled Steelsight (which sadly won't help your aim, despite her bionic eye). There's also the distinctly Russian Squat Kick dance emote, and the Global Axe, which is literally a big globe on a stick. The backpack is the Steelcast, which seems to be a simple metal box that you strap to your back.

All of the new cosmetics are of 'epic' rarity. They'll probably be available for purchase around the beginning of Fortnite season 4, which Epic officially revealed yesterday.

Original story, April 12: A whole bunch of new Fortnite cosmetics have been datamined, giving a look at everything heading to Epic’s Battle Royale in the next few weeks, and pointing us in the direction the theme of the season four battle pass.

Storm Shield One have datamined four new skins in total. There’s the brilliantly named Tricera Ops, as well as Leviathan, which appears to be a primeval fish in a space suit, which are both legendary skins. As well as that there’s Tomatohead, who seems to be the mascot for the Tomato Town mascot, and the high-tech Cipher skin.

There are also new backpacks, gliders, and pickaxes. For gliders, there’s the satellite-themed Planetary Probe, and the adorable Googly, as well as Fossil Flyer and Mainframe, the latter of which pairs with the Cipher skin. For backpacks, there’s a Hatchling skin to go with Tricera Ops, and a Fish Tank backpack to match up with Leviathan. There’s also the pizza-themed Special Delivery backpack to go with the Tomatohead set. You can round all those sets out with the dino-themed Bitemark pickaxe, the pizza cutter Axeroni, and Cipher’s Cutting Edge pickaxe. You can check out all the new gear at Fortnite Intel.

All this suggests that Fortnite’s season four battlepass is going to have a prehistoric theme, which would be a fitting contrast to  season three’s space theme. It would also explain the comet heading for Tilted Towers, and would suggest a pretty apocalyptic end is coming to Fortnite’s most infamous location.

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1 Week ago

Fortnite and Pubg are shaping up to be the first games that make me consider to stop following gaming sites. I have played a lot of Pubg and tried out Fortnite so I know that the games are good and the hype isn't bs but I'm just not THAT interested in the games.

Pisses me of Royally.