New Fortnite weapons are perfect for Fornitemares

New Fortnite weapons come in thick and fast in Epic's battle royale game, and chapter 3 season 4 is releasing them faster than we've ever seen before

New Fortnite Weapons leaked. This image shows a Fortnite character with sunglasses reflecting the new Goo Gun.

New Fortnite weapons are always a cause for excitement and celebration in the battle royale game. Sometimes it’s a tweak to an existing weapon, sometimes you’ll get something truly revolutionary, and sometimes you get weapons that just make you wonder what’s going on.

Chapter 3 season 4 has already brought in a few new Fortnite weapons, and it has been a blast to mess around with them all – especially the EvoChrome range. There are just a lot of things to play with, and it becomes even more expansive when you start adding in less aggressive tools like Boogie Bombs or movement tools like the Grapple Glove.

Well, if you’re hoping to little glimpse into the future, you’ll be glad to know that you can do so thanks to a leaked video online that’s been shared by HypeX. The video shows off two upcoming Fortnite weapons which are the Throwable Launchpad and the Goo Gun. Both of these appear in the video being used in what looks like a Halloween event, so it’s likely you’ll see them in the Fortnitemares event if they don’t turn up anywhere else.

While the Throwable Launchpad seems fun and all, the Explosive Goo Gun is definitely the star of the show here. It shoots a viscous liquid that sticks to enemies, expands, and then explodes. It’s just a fun and very silly-looking weapon, and it’s the kind of nonsense that we love to see in Fortnite – especially in the lesser enjoyed modes.

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