Ninja is eating his meals off-screen as Muslim fans fast for Ramadan

Throughout the month of Ramadan, Ninja's eating off-screen

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan began early in May, and will last until the first week of June. During that time, Muslims fast daily from dawn until sunset, and as you might imagine it’s no easy feat to stay away from food for the better part of a month. Prolific Fortnite streamer Ninja has removed one possible stumbling block for his own Muslim fans – he’s eating his meals off-screen during Ramadan.

As Ninja took a meal break on the first day of the holy month, messages like “bruh, I’m fasting” came in from viewers. In the Twitch clip, you can see Ninja lean over, turn off his face camera, and say “sorry for the people who are doing Ramadan. I’ll make sure to hide my screen when I eat for the rest of Ramadan.”

The streamer has continued the gesture throughout the month, and bots have been set up to tell fans “during Ramadan (Muslim month of fasting) Ninja has been turning off his cam while he eats to show consideration for those who may be fasting.”

As Kotaku notes, fans have offered plenty of support for Ninja’s gesture.

Though, admittedly, some of his fellow streamers have been a bit less understanding.

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It’s been a notable enough gesture that even the BBC and other mainstream news outlets have covered it. So take this as a lesson that even the smallest bits of kindness can make waves – especially if you happen to be the biggest streamer in the world.