How to drift with the Fortnite Nitro Drifter

Learn how to drift and boost with the Fortnite Nitro Drifter, and not only destroy objects required to complete quests but also make a quick getaway.

Fortnite Nitro Drifter how to drift - a white sports car is obliterating a pink cherry blossom tree in the middle of Mega City.

Want to know how to drift with the Fortnite Nitro Drifter? One of the new futuristic vehicles introduced in Chapter 4 Season 2 is a variant of the regular cars seen in previous seasons, each with sleek, futuristic designs. However, unlike other sports cars, they don’t have a nitrous tank to speed up at the press of a button, instead requiring you to drift to build up boost charge.

You can find the Fortnite Nitro Drifter pretty much everywhere on the Fortnite map, but the easiest place to find one in the battle royale game is on the race track north of Mega City. Once you’ve boarded a Nitro Drifter in Fortnite, you’ll soon realise it acts like a regular car in many ways, with similar durability and maximum speed stats. However, as the car’s name implies, there is a way you can drift around corners and get a boost of speed, just like the karts in Mario Kart. This is how to drift with a Nitro Drifter in Fortnite.

Fortnite Nitro Drifter how to drift - dust masks the drifting car as seen during a match. The car is about to plough into a white fence near a farm.

How to destroy objects with the Fortnite Nitro Drifter

To drift with the Fortnite Nitro Drifter, hold down the driver brake button (the space bar on a keyboard and mouse or L1/LB on a controller) to begin drifting. Holding down the drift button for longer will give you more charge to boost off into the distance when you let go of it. While you’re drifting or boosting, you can smash into objects to complete one of the quests for the new Fortnite season.

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