Tilted Town is Fortnite’s first no-build zone – sort of

It's got some rules - "no buildin’, no breakin’"

Fortnite season X is here, and the battle royale’s map is already seeing some changes. A Rift Beacon has replaced Neo Tilted with a whole new Wild West-themed location called Tilted Town, though it doesn’t look like you’ll be able to go as wild in the town as you might have expected. The town has its own rules – and they don’t allow building or harvesting.

As confirmed in the Season X patch notes on the Fortnite website, building and harvesting are “prohibited” in Tilted Town, making it the first no-build location to appear in the game. As highlighted in a video posted by James Jarvis, head of video at Gamesradar, on Twitter, enter the bubble surrounding it, and you’ll get a message pop up: “welcome to Tilted Town. No buildin’, no breakin’.” You’ll also get a little chime of Old West-style music and an accompanying outfit overhaul.

Building is a key mechanic in Fortnite. Games can be won by constructing – and maintaining – a really good defensive fort that keeps other battlers out while giving you a vantage point against them. Harvesting is equally important, as without resources, there’s no fort. With Tilted Town taking this away it’ll likely be quite a shake-up to peoples’ gameplay techniques and styles.

It looks like good ol’ fashioned shootouts will be the order of the day in Tilted Town, then. However, as Polygon reports, some players are already discovering ways to get around the zone’s rules. It looks there are currently two methods involving using a hoverboard or building up to the edge of the town’s limits and “editing” structures out from under your feet, respectively. But, who knows – maybe some more creative Fortnite fans will discover even more ways to get buildin’.

If you’re keen to find out more about what Fortnite Season X brings, or if you want to catch a glimpse of Tilted Town in action, head over to the website where you can read them in full.

There’s an automatic sniper rifle that looks sure to come in handy.