Fortnite’s Love and War Event and return of the Launchpad – v11.50 patch notes

The launchpad is back, baby!

Fortnite is the battle-royale that just keeps on giving. And today it’s giving us patch notes, so we know what changes are coming to the game imminently. Patch v11.50 introduces a Valentines themed event with challenges and rewards, Unreal Engine’s Chaos Physics implementation, and more bug fixes.

First of all, let’s talk about the start of Love and War. Players will have the opportunity to play the new, community-made Search and Destroy LTM, which will freshen things up a little. It’s a 6v6 classic defend/attack mode with up to eleven rounds. You either play as the attacked of a bombsite, or the defenders of it. Complete your objective by defusing, or defending the objective or completely eliminating the opposite team. Win six rounds to claim victory.

The Love and War event will also include new Fortnite challenges that can be completed for specific rewards and shiny new cosmetics. Epic has a full list of details about the Love and War event here if you’re interested in reading more.

Oh, and to the delight of many, it looks like the Launchpad is making its comeback into the game, or as Epic says, its been “unvaulted”.

In more technical, and perhaps less visible, notes, Epic is implementing Unreal Engine’s Chaos Physics system. It aims to keep Fortnite feeling the same as before, although they will be closely monitoring feedback from players if there are any issues. If you do think Fortnite is changed as a result, Epic encourages you to report that to them in its feedback tool.

In bug fixes for the game, some saving issues related to Chaos Rising Challenge have been solved and the “Earn Gold Scavenger Medals” Rippley vs. Sludge Overtime Challenge now tracks progress properly. Also, the Sidegrading feature is no longer present in competitive playlists.

That’s it for this round of Fortnite patch notes! It’s one of the best battle royales out there so we’re always looking forward to its next steps.