Where to plant evidence in Catty Corner and Flush Factory in Fortnite

All six of the locations where you can plant evidence in Catty Corner and Flush Factory to complete this Fortnite challenge

One of the piles where you can plant evidence to complete the challenge in Fortnite. It's by a shack and near some tires.

It’s the second week of Fortnite challenges in season five, and some of them require heading to very specific places to complete them. One of them is to plant three pieces of evidence in specific locations.

To complete this challenge, you’ll need to plant three pieces of evidence in either Catty Corner or Flush Factory. You’ll have the right area when you can see a small pile of planks on the ground. While Catty Corner is a named location on the map, the same can’t be said for Flush Factory. Whichever location you opt to try and plant the evidence, you’ll have to get to some very specific parts and plant the evidence, all while avoiding being shot at by other players.

It’s not the hardest of the available challenges this week once you know where to go, so we will be giving all the details you need to know. This guide will detail how to get to both Catty Corner and Flush Factory, and also each of the six locations that you can plant the evidence in to complete the challenge. Climb aboard the battle bus and get ready to drop in these locations!

Fortnite evidence locations

While Catty Corner is named and found towards the southeast of the map, Flush Factory is not currently named. It’s the smaller of the two facilities between Slurpy Swamp and Misty Meadows, both of which are at the southwest of the map. Here are all six locations to plant evidence in Fortnite:

Catty Corner

  • Towards the northern end of Catty Corner, look near the abandoned trailer
  • At the southern end of Catty Corner, look at the iron shelter. It’s between the tires and the door
  • By the gas station south of Catty Corner. Look to the eastern side of it

Flush Factory

  • Towards the northwest of Flush Factory, look by the dumpster underneath the staircase to the grey building next to the sea. There’s a green bush nearby
  • Head inside the building to the north-east of Flush Factory. It’s between the reception desk and the lit-up toilet display
  • At the southern-tip of Flush Factory, there is a small staircase leading to the sea. Head down and turn right. You’ll find the evidence planting location next to the dumpster

And those are the locations where you can plant evidence this week in Fortnite. Hopefully this gets you one step closer to completing this week’s battle pass challenges in one of the best battle royale games. Do keep an eye out for other guides based on this week’s challenges, including where to find the Fortnite car parts locations.

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