Fortnite porta-potties – how to travel between them

Where to find the special porta-potties you can travel between

One of the two Fortnite porta-potties you can travel between is in the IO HQ.

Want to know where you can travel between two Fortnite porta-potties? Not all of the portable restrooms in the game have the ability to let you teleport between two different locations, but we have recently found two otherwise normal porta-potties where you can do just that.

One of the epic challenges in Chapter 2 Season 7 week 3 requires you to use a porta-potty to warp to another location. You need the precise location in order to find these special Fortnite porta-potties, and exactly where they teleport you to, as you could be in for a nasty run-in with one of the Fortnite NPCs.

If you’ve not completed the legendary challenges this week, which are only available for the next few days, we have guides on where to place the welcome signs in Pleasant Park or Lazy Lake, where to place the boom boxes in Believer Beach, where to place the alien light communication devices on mountain tops, and where to collect cat food.

The locations of the two Fortnite porta-potties you can travel between, pinned onto the map.

Fortnite porta-potties locations

Both of the Fortnite porta-potties locations are in Corny Complex. The first one is inside the big house, in the utility room on the ground floor, close to the back door of the house. Using the porta-potty to ‘hide’ brings you right into the middle of the IO headquarters, very close to Sloane.

For a more dangerous way to complete this challenge, you can enter the IO headquarters underneath the red barn. The easiest way to access it is to head into the underground entrance (it’s the ramp by the side of the barn), turn right, then left. You’ll see Sloane sitting on a chair. Run towards her then turn right and go through the arch, before taking another right to double back on yourself. Turn left to go through the door and leap into the porta-potty to teleport to the big house. With any luck, you won’t be hit by Sloane’s special pulse rifle.

And that is everything you need to know about using the Fortnite porta-potties to travel between two locations. Recent updates to the map also include several new alien artifact locations, a handful of new cosmic chest locations, alien parasites infecting the animals, and the inclusion of the mothership minigame where you can potentially access the legendary vault.