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Where to place prepper supplies in Hayseed’s Farm in Fortnite

All five possible locations for placing prepper supplies in Hayseed’s Farm

Want to know where to place prepper supplies in Fortnite? The alien conspiracy unfolding in the Chapter 2 Season 7 legendary challenges has switched focus back to Hayseed’s Farm and the surrounding areas. In addition to being asked to place some prepper supplies in Hayseed’s Farm, there are also a challenge to place Fortnite cow decoys in farms.

The latest season has given us all sorts of weird and exciting curveballs along the way, from the introduction of Fortnite alien nanites, to changes to Fortnite crafting and Fortnite animals that were introduced in the previous season. You can also learn how to use an Inflate-A-Bull – a new item that was introduced to the game this week, that is when it comes back.

Since you only need to deploy one prepper supply in Hayseed’s Farm, this Fortnite legendary challenge shouldn’t be too tricky to complete. However, there are five possible locations, each one shown as an outline, so read on to learn where to place prepper supplies in Hayseed’s Farm. We have a map and detailed descriptions of the local area so you know where to go.

Fortnite prepper supplies locations

Here are all five locations for placing Fortnite prepper supplies:

All five prepper supplies in Hayseed's Farm in Fortnite, pinned on a map.

  • On the bridge crossing between Corny Complex and Hayseed’s Farm
  • By the rock on the fork path close to Hayseed’s farmhouse
  • Around the back of Hayseed’s farmhouse
  • Where the dirt path meets the main road near Hayseed’s Farm
  • By the hay bales next to the red tractor in the southern of the two fields east of Hayseed’s Farm

And those are all five locations to place prepper supplies in Hayseed’s Farm in Fortnite. You may be wondering where this week’s Fortnite alien artifacts locations are (used to unlock new Fortnite Kymera styles), or where a specific Fortnite NPC can be found.