Fortnite: how to unlock Prisoner stage 5 – everything we know

Wondering if there is just one more way to upgrade your new favourite hero. Here’s what we know about Fortnite prisoner stage 5

Fortnite prisoner stage 5

How do I unlock Fortnite prisoner stage 5? Hey, hold your horses there, excitable Fortnite fan. For one thing, let’s start with a more appropriate question: is there even such a thing as stage 5 of the Prisoner in Fortnite? That’s something we’re not even sure of so far, but there are a few hints and clues to suggest that there’s another form the Prisoner skin could take.

For starters, the Prisoner is a special Fortnite skin that you unlock after completing 60 weekly challenges in season 7. He was shown in a succession of loading screens as part of the special Snowfall challenges – ones that appeared for those completists that completed every mission in a given week – and gave us clues as to how to evolve him. We’ve seen him change multiple times up to a potential Fortnite prisoner stage 5 but, the question is, can we do it again?

For each level, the Prisoner has seen more of his chains steadily fall away to allow him to show off his full, fiery form. And, as plenty of Fortnite fans have observed, his stage 4 incarnation still has some of his restraints intact, leading us to conclude that we might be able to level him up even further. So, let’s get to it: here’s everything we know about getting Fortnite Prisoner stage 5.

Fortnite Prisoner stage 5 – everything we know

So you can see what some of these Fortnite theorists are getting at, we’ve embedded a post from eagle-eyed Redditor TheInfamousRavenKing below. In it we can see the chains Prisoner still has on even in his stage 4 form circled in yellow. Then, as a point of comparison, a concept of what a hypothetical Fortnite Prisoner stage 5 variant could look like to the right.

I think the Prisoner has more unlocking to do. (Event? Season 8?) from FortNiteBR

Sadly that’s about everything we know about this Prisoner rumour so far. What potentially undermines this theory is that, if the schedule followed as expected, stage 5 should be unlockable already, but it appears that nobody has done so yet. Equally, there isn’t long until the Fortnite season 8 release date hits, but perhaps you can still level the Prisoner skin into the next phase of Epic’s battle royale game. But, if you haven’t completed each part yet, here’s how to complete the previous parts of this mysterious challenge:

And that’s your lot when it comes to Fortnite prisoner stage 5. If it turns out that this secret skin tier is possibly to acquire we will let you know here as soon as we do. In the meantime, you should focus your time on your remaining challenges so you can get as many Battle Pass goodies, so don’t miss out on the recent Overtime task of finding all Fortnite Waterfalls locations. Once you’re done you can join us in willing another Prisoner skin level into existence. It’s the least we deserve.