Fortnite public service announcement signs locations in Neo Tilted, Pressure Plant, and Mega Mall

If you're on the lookout for these special signs, here's a PSA: you can get them all in Pressure Plant

Where are the public service announcement signs in Fortnite? The final week of challenges is on the way as we’ve hit our tenth week, and Epic Games are clearly getting safety-conscious on us. There are a selection of warning signs spread around three of the game’s major locations, and it’s up to us to find them.

According to the clue of this objective, you can find Fortnite public service announcement signs in Neo Tilted, Pressure Plant, and Mega Mall. However, you only need to visit five of the Fortnite PSA signs, and there are actually just that number in Pressure Plant alone, so there’s at least one very efficient way of completing this challenge.

That said, where are the Fortnite public service announcement signs? It’s all well and good knowing that you can find all the ones you need in an named area, but you need specific directions especially when a firefight is likely to break out. So, without further ado, this guide will show you exactly where to find the five you need to complete this task.

Fortnite public service announcement signs locations

As we’ve already mentioned, you can find all the five Fortnite PSA signs you need in the erstwhile volcano that is Pressure Plant. If you choose this course of action, when diving in, look for the bright, animated signs with messages like ‘Duck and Hover’ and ‘When danger strikes, take the high ground,’ – you can’t miss them, but you may well have to build.

So, in Pressure Plant, here are the five Fortnite Public Service Announcement signs:

  • Two can be spotted at the main entrance to the volcano from the south
  • One more on another wall as you head up the yellow stairs
  • On a unit to the southwest, bear left as you head in the main entrance
  • South of the robot, between two units
  • Bear right from the main entrance, near a Respawn Van

And there you are, that’s the easiest and quickest way to find the five public service announcement signs in Fortnite. In other Fortnite news, if you’ve collected all the Fortbytes you can possibly get, you can customise your rare skin reward by finding the Fortnite Singularity styles locations. You can have a Pizza Pit or Durrr! Burger-themed one if you want to reignite that rivalry, and plenty more.