Put your hard hat on: Fortnite’s alpha begins tomorrow

Fortnite alpha

I don’t have enough pillows and blankets to make a really good fort, and that’s a crying shame. It’s for the best, though, as my otherwise well behaved dog, Max the Labradoodle, has a fixation on such things, and would inevitably savage every single pillow, knocking down the entire fortress. 

Max isn’t allowed to play Epic Games’ Fortnite, though, nor are the bases constructed in this sandbox made out of pillows. Fortnite’s alpha will be kicking off, sans Labradoodles, tomorrow, and running until December 19th. 

Invites for the first alpha phase have already been sent out, but more are on their way, so keep an eye on your inbox.

“During this phase of the Alpha we are testing to make sure all of the basic stuff, from the launcher to all the game systems, is working so we can start getting real feedback from real players to help us make the game better,” explains Epic. “The game is still rough around the edges but we think it can benefit from your input even at this early stage.”

Fortnite transported our Rob back to his childhood back in the summer. “I’d have to describe my time with Fortnite as being delightful. Even when my team got frustrated with a level and started building literal stairways to heaven and castles in the air, it was a wonderful sandbox. That part of me that dug trenches in my backyard is delighted that I can finally build the heavily defended killing grounds I always wanted. And I don’t even need a shovel.”

Take a gander at his experiences building the fort of his dreams in Fortnite.