Razer announces huge “inclusive” Fortnite tournament series for Europe

The Razer Invitational - Europe will pit up to 5,000 competitors from across the region against each other over a six week period


Gaming lifestyle brand Razer has announced the next stage in its Esports World Tour. In a new press release released this week, the brand has stated that the Razer Invitational – Europe – the next in a series of events which have so far taken place in Latin America and Southeast Asia – will focus on Fortnite in what it hopes to be an “inclusive” set of weekly tournaments.

The invitational is set to feature up to 5,000 competitors, from across the European region, who will battle it out in six weekly tournaments taking place from December 10 through to January 30, 2021 (registration for the invitational is now open as of writing). According to the press release, “each week will see three days of tournament play, with qualification and playoff phases on the first two days, culminating with finals every Saturday.”

Razer has set out its aims to produce the invitational in the most inclusive environment it can. In terms of skill, the brand outlines that “gamers of every skill level, whether they are a first time amateur, an experienced gamer, or a seasoned pro, can team up with some of the region’s most famous star streamers.” Additionally, with the event being purely digital, players are not required to travel to a particular location in order to compete. The company also notes that the decision to make Fortnite the game of choice is due to its omnipresence in the broader gaming sphere.

The invitational’s festivities will kick off a few days prior to the main event on December 5, with an exhibition match set to take place between a cohort of European streamers including Krench Royale, Rogalik, and Rafa among others. Additionally, each streamer’s team will consist of members of their individual communities.

In terms of prizes, Razer promises cash and hardware rewards from itself, as well as co-sponsors Intel, Seagate, and Pringles for triumphant participants. Those watching at home will also be able to win prizes through participating in events taking place on Razer’s YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch channels. Spicy.

Fortnite’s European community may be “burgeoning”, as the press release points out, but that is not to say it is uncompetitive. Although 2019’s Fortnite World Cup solos top ten was predominantly dominated by American players, Theo ‘crue’ Ferrer (Swedish), Clément ‘Skite’ Danglot (French), and Nathan ‘nayte’ Berquignol (French) all featured in top spots. Additionally, the duos category saw Norwegian Emil ‘nyhrox’ Pedersen and Austrian partner David ‘aqua’ Wang take home the $3 million grand prize.